North Stradbroke Island or “Straddie”


After 30 hours of traveling, I am finally in Australia! We are currently on North Stradbroke Island staying at a research facility. The sights are more than I could have ever imagined. After an exhausting few days, we all were asleep by 8 pm, and consequentially awake by 4 am listening to the cacophony of bird calls.  This morning went bird watching/koala bear searching. After my professor smelled the familiar koala scent, we actually found one in the wild!  It was awesome! Today we will be exploring the sandy beach coastline looking for marine organisms. We will then spend a portion of the day sitting on rocks while looking at whales- I couldn’t ask for more!!

Here are a few pictures from this morning!


The Moreton Bay Research Station


This is a bird called a Galah. Galah is also Australian slang for “fool.”Image

Morning sun through an old cemetery.


This beautiful, and very common bird is called a Lorikeet. I wish that they were common in New York!


A wild koala bear!!!

A map of my location:

mapstraddie North_Stradbroke_Island_01


4 thoughts on “North Stradbroke Island or “Straddie”

  1. Have you pinched yourself yet, Kaitlyn to make sure your not dreaming? No time wasted getting started with your studies. Glad you were able to get a good night’s sleep. Your pictures are great, love the Koala bear. Can’t wait for more. Love you!!

  2. Kaitlyn, thinking of you each day wondering what exciting adventure is happening next. Love your postings keep them coming as you find time. How amazing it is that you have this wonderful, incredible opportunity!! Savor the moments and take them all in. Love u lots!! Enjoy!!! So happy for u!!

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